“Many people can speak and not write or write and not speak.  You do both extremely well.   You could easily write a screenplay and star in it”.   

 John W Elman, Editor, Malibu Rotary Club Surfwriter
Secretary, Malibu Rotary Club

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PHILIPPA is a “Game Changer” in the speaking business for her ability to re-define perceptions and correct misconceptions on abuse. Her fusion of real-life stories, conversational techniques and sense of humor connect her with her audience at an intimate, intense and individual level. Her street smart coaching skills transform the way women view themselves. She unravels the complexities of abuse and helps women understand that they need to look at themselves – with compassion and tough love. She helps them identify how they participate in the dance of abuse in ways that they don’t understand. They are not the problem but they are the solution and she shows them how.


  • Starting Over – How to go from Hopeless to Hopeful,  Powerless to Powerful, Fearful to Phenomenal
  • The Golden Goose of Abuse
  • Is Cheating a Deal Breaker?
  • Why Me? Co-dependency is Bred in Childhood
  • Trauma to Treasures
  • How to Make Fear Your Friend


  • Skills and strategies on how to heal
  • Alone is not lonely
  • How to identify patterns so that they are not repeated
  • How to examine themselves and not assume that the elimination of the relationship is the end of the problem
  • How to examine their own participation in the dance of abuse – not  to blame them but to empower them by reducing the idea of being a victim


“Change is about evolution. Don’t resist it unless you crave your own extinction”

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